Photo Color Separation Masking Service

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Color Separation Masking

"I got the color separation service done at MubyTech and they outperformed with their skill. – Rick"

Color separation is the process of separating full-color digital data into their constituent colors for four-color process printing. In other words, separating an image into more than two colors is called color separation.

CMYK is a term commonly used in printing. It stands for the four primary colors namely Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black.

Key Benefits of Outsourcing Color Separation Masking Services from MubyTech:

  • You get specialised photo retouchers at your service
  • Excellent color quality
  • Image enhancement at a professional level
  • Maintaining safety and privacy of data
  • Offering customized solutions
  • Maintaining 100% transparency
Muby Tech|Color Separation Masking BEFORE
Muby Tech|Color Separation Masking AFTER

Image Color Separation Masking

Color separation is done to prep-up the appearance of the final product. It helps in making the file print-ready. In this process, the files are separated into individual colors before they’re ready for the final print.