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Setting Gold Standards in Image Retouching and Clipping Path Services Since 15 Years

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How do you get an online shopper to choose your product and service over a hundred or thousand other alternatives out there? Believe it or not, the key to achieving that lies in the photos that represent your products and services created by the best clipping path service provider company. A picture is worth more than the proverbial thousand words today because a mammoth 60% of online shoppers make their buying decision mainly based on the images they see! Again, this is not surprising, considering the fact that 80% of all impressions made on us are via our eyes.

The best ecommerce sites are those which are most successful in converting a prospective customer into an actual one. For that, they rely heavily on the highest quality images that have been optimised to perfection with photo retouching and clipping path service.

And this is where MubyTech comes in!

Photo Clipping Path Services

Image clipping service or offshore clipping path service is the process of complete background removal such that the subject/object can now be placed on any other background of the brand’s choice. This kind of separation of the subject also helps the brand combine multiple products in a single frame. Thus, the clipping path service gives the brand the necessary freedom and versatility to make use of the images of its proprietary products and services in any way which it deems fit.

All good so far? But it is not as simple as it reads

This type of image cutout service has to be accomplished in highly sophisticated software for photo editing like Adobe Photoshop where the graphic designing expert uses multiple complex tools – lasso, pen, wand and masks – in order to completely separate the subject from its background. The process of clipping path images could even take up to several hours depending on the manner in which the original photo was taken and the complexity involved in separation.

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Why Outsource Image Clipping Services to MubyTech? Experience The Difference

As internationally-renowned experts and specialists for over 15 years, we closely examine each and every part of the photo and make sure that it is realistic and blemish-less with our affordable clipping path service. We promise you

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Best Photo Clipping Solutions

See the difference yourself before you entrust us with your valuable product/service images. Try us once and we promise you that you will not find any better offshore clipping path service provider anywhere else in the world!

Benefits Galore from MubyTech’s Image Masking Service

Our spotlessly perfect images will give your business a critical boost in multiple ways as listed below.

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Make the Best Use of Clipping Path Service

Our Capabilities

Our gold standard offshore clipping path service has been used by our clients across a broad array of industries from garments to gadgets, footwear to automobiles. When you choose you, you are choosing the best and here is how you are rewarded.

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Since we always adhere to top quality work, the delivery time depends on the complexity of the project and the quantity of images. For instance if you have a few hundred images, we might need less than 12 hours to complete the work. But if you have between 5000-10000 images, we might take 48 hours tops. Let us assure you that we will quickly evaluate the project and give you a deadline based on that. We will ALWAYS adhere to our deadline and ensure high quality work.

Definitely. We will let our work speak for itself.  Just leave us your name, email id, website if any, phone number, a brief summary of the project and upload the sample for trial on this page.

We cater to bulk projects only. We do not process individual images.

Let us assure you that we are among the most budget-friendly service providers for the highest quality of work. Though prices will vary slightly based on the complexity of the work, on an average, we process 4 images for under $00

We always let our work (and our clients) do the talking. We shall put you in direct touch with our past clients so that you get honest feedback and review of our services.

We have the capacity to process and enhance about 5000 images on a daily basis.

We make use of synergies to do high quality work at a fast pace. We creatively collaborate with tools like dropbox and Google workspace, ensuring communication between all our stakeholders and team from the studio to the retouchers. We are available 24×6 for our clients.

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