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Why Professional Photo Editing Is Crucial for Fashion Brands?

By David    October 19, 2023
why fashion photo editing services is crucial for fashion brands

Why is there an increased emphasis on fashion photo editing services or a high-end photo retouching service in the world today? Well, the world has always been headed in the direction of increased ‘virtualization’ – from search engines to social media networks and from virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) to the latest phenomena of a ‘metaverse’. The Covid-19 pandemic only catalysed and accelerated the importance and adoption of virtualization. Thus, in 2020, global e-commerce sales were $4.28 trillion, which was a whopping 27.6% increase over 2019. And even now, post pandemic, while there are claims that nothing beats experiencing a product firsthand, there is no denying the fact that there has been an exponential rise in digitalization and virtualization of products and services. In fact, the global virtual reality market is growing at an impressive CAGR of 33.6% and is expected to grow at that rate till 2028.

This only underlines the importance of digital media in which images are an important and integral part. That in turn means bulk image retouching or a high-end photo retouching service becomes critical.

Brands are Premiumising With Virtualization

In July 2020, Gucci collaborated with Snapchat in a global AR campaign. The innovative campaign featured AR try-on lenses, enabling Snapchat users to experience how Gucci sneakers would appear on their own feet. The UK-based online fashion retailer, ASOS unveiled the ‘Virtual Catwalk.’ which allows customers to enjoy a unique experience where models appear to walk right before their eyes. Users and customers are ready to pay more for this experience. But to create such AR and VR experiences, high quality images are the foundation.

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The Art and Science of Fashion Apparel Photo Editing

At the heart of fashion image editing lies a delicate craft that goes beyond simple adjustments. It involves both science and art in a meticulous process of enhancing, refining, and, at times, transforming images to create a story that aligns with a brand’s identity and style. These images therefore are carefully constructed visual stories. Some crucial processes in fashion apparel photo editing include:

  1. Color Correction, which is the foundation of getting the exact shade of a garment along with its vibrance.

  2. Retouching the blemishes and visual imperfections on the model or the product including skin blemish removal, wrinkle reduction, and overall smoothing to give a ‘flawless’ feel.

  3. Texture and detail enhancement to emphasise these elements and create images that make garments more appealing.

  4. Background manipulation by elimination or enhancement to ensure that there are no distracting or unflattering elements.

Criticality of Fashion Apparel Photo Editing Services

fashion photo editing services

The surge in online shopping, further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has highlighted the importance of a convincing and realistic product representation. The role of professional editing is even more pronounced in the digital space because, over there,  consumers can’t interact with products physically. Statistics reveal that 90% of online shoppers place high-quality images at the top of their criteria when making a purchase decision. Moreover, 67% of consumers believe that the quality of product images is even more crucial than product descriptions and customer reviews. Little wonder that most brands are looking to outsource image editing services to ensure perfection in their virtual avatars.

Here are the main reasons why fashion photo editing services are crucial for fashion brands

  • Brand Consistency and Identity

    Maintaining consistency in the visual identity of products is paramount, especially in bulk image retouching in the fashion industry. Each and every image should be in alignment with the brand’s unique style and identity. Professional editors are trained and experienced to understand the brand’s visual guidelines along with the essence that it wishes to convey. So, whether it is in print, online, or through other media, they play a major role in maintaining a cohesive brand identity. Thus, it is also quality assurance at its best.

  • Enhancing Visual Appeal

    Fashion is all in the details – the intricate patterns, textures, accessories, along with the art of presentation. Professional apparel photo editing services bring all these details to life by creatively working on each aspect separately. Whether it’s highlighting the intricate lacework on a wedding gown or ensuring that the glossy shine on a leather handbag, these trained photo editors add the master finishing touches that make fashion truly memorable and captivating.

  • Retouching and Beauty
    Everyone knows that nothing in the world can be flawless and yet, that perfection is demanded of the fashion industry! Bringing in perfection in the models and the products requires perfection in the photo retouching service and clipping path service. The expert editors skillfully remove blemishes, wrinkles, and imperfections, creating a polished and, more importantly, an aspirational image. At the same time, perfection is not about faking. So, while retouching, the professionals like Mubytech avoid over-manipulation.

  • Overcoming Real-World Constraints

    In the fashion world, there is a wide gap between consumer expectations and the realities of photography. Real-life photography is very challenging. Apart from the various technical factors like lighting, ambiance and equipment available, factors like the mood of the model (and of the photographer!) also affect the final result. A professional photo retouching service helps to bridge this gap to ensure that the image aligns with the brand’s vision and, in turn, the consumer’s expectations.

  • Online Shopping and Customer Experience
    With the surge in online shopping, the importance of convincing, realistic product representations through a high-end photo retouching service can just not be overstated! High-quality, professionally edited images ensure that the online purchase experience is as close as possible to the in-store experience. They allow customers to make informed decisions, confident that what they are seeing is what they are getting.

  • Beyond E-commerce
    E-commerce is just one of the areas where high-quality images matter. In this digital age, high-quality images have also found their way into advertising, marketing, and social media campaigns. They are at the core of visual storytelling, capturing the essence of a brand and conveying it to a global audience. Investing in fashion apparel photo editing services like Mubytech goes a long way in generating valuable digital assets for the brand.

  • Sustainability and Cost Efficiency
    Professional fashion photo editing services reduce the need for physical product samples, and so, brands can cut operational costs in a large way. Moreover, fewer physical samples means a smaller carbon footprint, which aligns with the growing commitment to sustainability in the fashion industry. In fact, being eco-friendly like this is a BIG selling point in the fashion industry!
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In conclusion, professional fashion photo editing services are the lifeblood of the fashion industry, influencing consumer decisions, maintaining brand consistency, and enhancing visual appeal. While in-house editing can be effective, outsourcing to a specialized service brings unique advantages. Among the many options available, Mubytech emerges as the ideal choice for outsourcing image editing services. With a deep understanding of the fashion industry’s demands, a commitment to quality, and a proven track record, Mubytech stands as the go-to solution for fashion brands seeking professional, efficient, and cost-effective image editing services. By partnering with Mubytech, fashion brands can ensure that every image captures the essence of their brand, engaging and captivating customers in a way that only professional editing can achieve.

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