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The Essential Guide to Clipping Path Outsourcing: What You Need to Know

By David    March 14, 2024
The Essential Guide to Clipping Path Outsourcing

“Clipping Path” is a term that is so ubiquitous and fundamental in the image editing circles that it is taken for granted as an English word and nobody cares to explain what it is anymore! For the uninitiated, clipping path is a graphic design technique of separating and isolating the subject from its background in an image. The subject is ‘clipped’ out from its context and can be used in any other context of choice. Clipping paths are commonly used in the advertising, e-commerce, and publishing sectors to create professional-looking images with clean, precise edges.

 However, people often search for clipping path outsourcing because the actual execution of the technique is not as easy as its explanation! This is especially true if one wants professional images that can be used commercially, with consistency and adherence to branding guidelines.  So, when you are looking to prepare the latest brochure or populate an e-com store, enhance your images or just retouch them, you should look for the perfect agency to outsource image clipping services!

Biggest Benefits You Get When You Outsource Clipping Path Services

Every penny saved is a penny earned and therefore, increasing the profitability of your business means reducing your expenses. Unknown to you, in-house image editing quickly becomes a costly affair. But when you opt to outsource image clipping service, you achieve significant savings.

  1. Your inhouse image editing team will require office space, equipment, utilities, software licences, and maintenance expenses which can all be eliminated completely. Clipping outsource equals clipping the expenses too!

  2. If your inhouse team is sized for the maximum workload, it will get expensive during lean times. If sized for the lean times, then it will burnout during the peak load. Clipping outsource equals clipping to the right size always.

  3. Training the team to be up to date requires investment of time and resources. There is also the opportunity cost loss by focusing on non-core activities.

  4. If you happen to be geographically located in the West, you will not be able to achieve the low labour costs of some of the Asian countries, for instance.
outsource clipping path

But money alone isn’t the expense. Time is money and therefore, you earn best when you spend your time doing what you are best at! When you outsource image clipping service, you get the best value for time as well.

  1. The experts to whom you do the clipping outsource are specialists well-versed in the techniques and technologies. Thus, they are efficient and effective at the same time.

  2.  Years of experience mean that your clipping path outsourcing partner has perfected workflows and streamlined processes to offer the quickest turnaround times. They will be able to deliver the expected results within the deadlines.

  3. The only time you will have to spend is in the beginning, at the negotiation table. Once the terms of the contract with the clipping path outsourcing partner has been agreed upon, there is no need for supervision and extensive oversight.

  4. Elimination of administrative tasks along with the choice of changing the agency to which you outsource the image editing process are both value-accretive to your company.

Choosing the Right Partner to Outsource Image Editing

Having a good partner to outsource clipping path services is a boon but getting such a partner is not easy. Here are five steps to follow diligently to ensure that your images are in safe hands.

  1. Spend significant time to research potential partners. This will save you a lot of time later and also ensure that you have peace of mind. Look for providers with a strong industry reputation and an excellent track record. You will have to balance out the outsourcing price against the company’s experience, size, and specialisation in clipping path services.
  2. Ask for a portfolio of the previous work from the clipping path outsourcing partner. Along with the quality of the work, also check for the diversity of industries serviced and variety of image types.
  3. Client testimonials are always insightful. Try not to be restricted to only the testimonials presented on the potential clipping path outsourcing partner marketing collaterals and website. Seek out the actual clients and seek direct feedback wherever possible.
  4. Choose a provider who is offering clear communication channels, such as email, phone, or instant messaging and is responsive. Ensure that the outsourcing team is accessible during the promised hours for feedback and project updates

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. At the start, the price quoted by your chosen outsourcing partner might seem exorbitant. However, you should remember that this is a one-time expense or an yearly expense. On the other hand, the price of low quality will have to be paid on a daily or even hourly basis! Never overlook quality for cost savings.

  2. Just as it is important to ensure that the provider has clear messaging, you too should communicate requirements and expectations with as much specificity as possible. Also set targets and turnaround times realistically.

  3.  A corollary of the above two is that you should never choose a partner to outsource image clipping services solely based on the price. Review the portfolio thoroughly and consider all other factors described so far holistically before arriving at a decision.
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From tech giants like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay to fashion brands like Nike, H&M and Zara, everyone entrusts a partner with their image-editing needs and they outsource image clipping services. Infact, we at Mubytech, have many professional photography studios that frequently outsource clipping path services to streamline their post-production workflows. As a premier partner for businesses seeking top-quality results, reliable communication, and unmatched expertise, Mubytech is a partner of choice with a proven track record of delivering exceptional outcomes for clients across various industries. Send us a ping for our exceptional portfolio and world-beating services.


Clipping path outsourcing makes possible a wide range of image editing services including background removal, subject isolation, photo retouching, colour correction, image masking, and even photo manipulation. From basic enhancements or complex edits, a seasoned agency like Mubytech has the expertise to meet your requirements.

Top grade companies take confidentiality, privacy and data security seriously. They possess robust security measures and advanced secure systems with strict encryption protocols and privacy policies. This would be a good point to bring up when you are choosing a partner to outsource image clipping services.

Absolutely! At Mubytech, we understand that every project is unique, and we are dedicated to meeting your specific needs and preferences. Whether you have custom editing requirements, specific style preferences, or branding guidelines, our team is flexible and adaptable to accommodate your requests and deliver personalised solutions.

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