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How Same Day Delivery of Your Product Image Retouching Can Help You Save Time & Money?

By David    November 18, 2022
How Same Day Delivery of Your Product Image Retouching Can Help You Save Time & Money?

Whether you have a physical store or not, the quality of your product images play a critical role in the success of your business. This is especially true if you do not have a physical store because the touch and feel for the product is totally missing. Whatever judgement the customer has to make will be based on the images on your website alone. This is further proven by the fact that while traditional retail has a product return rate ranging between 8-10%, the same for online purchases is as high as 15-30%! Now you will understand the critical importance of ecommerce product photo editing services.

Save Money With Product Image Retouching

Firstly, a professional product photo editing service helps to reduce product returns by making sure that your customer is clear in their minds as the product is represented accurately. Product photo retouching services will ensure that the camera settings, lighting and other factors do not change the colour of your product in the photos. They also save model costs by using the ghost mannequin effect.

Secondly, ecommerce product photo editing services help you save time and money during the photoshoot. Photography is both – time consuming and expensive. Instead of reshooting the same product multiple times to get it perfect, you could just use the editing services to clean up the background and other elements that are negatively affecting the image.

Finally, the product photo editing service will also optimise your pictures for display in terms of background removal, margins, cropping, alignment and sizing through image compression. These make your images look professional and consistent which, in turn, reduce the return rates.

While these are easily understood, how does same day delivery of your product image retouching help you save time and money?

Quick Product Photo Retouching Services Cut Down Studio Time

Product photography is done in a studio and is expensive. It involves large investments in the photo equipment, the specialised studio lights and, not to forget, the professional photographers themselves. Now, whether you’re making a catalogue of all of your different products for the ecommerce website or even doing an editorial kind of photo shoot, getting these products to look precise and perfect in every shot is very difficult.
In such a scenario, quick and overnight product image retouching helps in capturing the product in different colour variants. Instead of shooting multiple colours of the same product, you could just shoot one and change the colour and tone in the photo editing. Through this method, you can also be guaranteed that your photos will all be consistent throughout. This is a huge saving on the studio time and expenses. What more, because the delivery of the images is overnight, you could cut back on the number of studio days or hours required for the photography.

The Promise Of Overnight Delivery Reflects Expertise

When a state of the art product photo retouching services provider like Mubytech promises you overnight delivery, it clearly demonstrates the confidence the company has in its expertise. It is one thing for the marketing department to promise such deliveries, but when the production and editing team keeps up the commitment, processing as many as 5000 images overnight, it clearly is high quality expertise.

When ecommerce product photo editing services arrive with such expertise, you can be rest assured that their processes are all streamlined to maximise efficiency. This efficiency benefits the service provider, no doubt, but it also results in serious savings of time and money to you as a company because any process with maximum efficiency reduces time, energy and money needed to accomplish it.

Getting back your images in such a record time carries another benefit. You will be able to immediately say whether the images photographed need to be reshot. When that is the case, the cost involved will only be incremental since the studio has already been booked. Instead, if you get to know that the shooting wasn’t good enough, say, after a week, the studio will have to be rebooked at full cost!

Same Day Delivery Helps You Get the Best Deals

Same day delivery of product image retouching brings down the lead time required to plan photoshoots drastically. This means that you could easily schedule the studio shooting during the lean periods or off times when rates are considerably lower. Peak time booking becomes essential to allow for the time required for editing. Mubytech completely eliminates that need with its promise of same-day delivery!

An Added Bonus…

With Mubytech as your product photo retouching services provider, you get a special bonus – a free trial to actually evaluate the quality of the service! We also promise a dedicated manager for your project or account if that is necessary. So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Mubytech for the ultimate quality and speeds for your product image retouching.

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