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How Fast Fashion Retouching And Higher Number Of Products On Your Website Can Increase More Sales

By David    December 20, 2022
How Fast Fashion Retouching And Higher Number Of Products On Your Website Can Increase More Sales

Table of Contents

  1. How Fast Fashion Retouching And Higher Number Of Products On Your Website Can Increase More Sales

     1.1. Increase Conversion Rates
     1.2. Reduce Product Returns
     1.3. Build Trust
     1.4. Strengthen Brand Identity And Awareness

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a well-known and appreciated saying. It is also worth thousands of dollars, pounds, rubles or rupees depending on the currency you accept on your business’ ecommerce site! It only becomes more valuable when you use the best photo retouching services on those images! Here are some statistics and facts that will make this statement self-evident. 21.8% of the world’s population, which is about 1.66 Billion people, make their purchases online. Of this, about 80% of the people only skim across the ecommerce pages while browsing or shopping, with only 16% actually reading all the words that are there!

In this scenario, not having high-quality, captivating and alluring images representing your brand, company and your products on your ecommerce site would mean frittering away a golden opportunity for higher revenues and higher profits. Given below are the different ways and means by which you can leverage on your images and photo retouching services to increase sales from your website.

  1. Increase Conversion Rates – The chances of a customer purchasing the product improve when the focus is on the product alone. This means that all the other distracting elements in the photo need to be cropped out or totally eliminated. In fact, removal of the background is a vital ingredient in creating sales-worthy images. For ecommerce images, It has now become the bare-minimum standard. Such images increase the clickthrough rate of the customers. High end photo retouching always ensures that the focus of every image is the product. Dust and other imperfections are cleaned out. That apart, tone, contrast, vibrancy, exposure, saturation and all other parameters are enhanced by professional photo retouching to make the product stand out. Perfection achieved in these technical parameters make the product look irresistible to the potential customer and help to convert him/her into an actual customer.
  2. Reduce Product Returns – Provide more images, more angles If the customer makes a purchase after intimately examining the product, the chances of returns falls drastically by almost 64%. On a website, this means more images and more realistic images. When you hire the photo retouching services of experts in the field, you can afford to click and process more angles and closeups of the product. You could even use 3D photography to click photos of the product in 360 degrees and get all images processed overnight. The 3 dimensional illusion works perfectly on websites given that every photo that makes it up has the exact look and feel. The best photo retouching services ensure consistently perfect images which the software can use to construct a 3D image of the product on the site. The customer now almost gets the feel of the real deal!
  3. Build Trust – Trust is an intangible factor that is key to move the customer from the stage of interest to actual purchase. While a customer does not think twice while purchasing on a trustworthy site, many shopping carts lie abandoned on sites which do not inspire trust. Showing the products in their true colours helps build confidence and trust in the customer. And doing that requires the assistance of professional photo retouching services. Also, adding more photos should not slow down the website or add glitches in it. This erodes the trust factor in no time. Once again, it is high end photo retouching to the rescue because the experts will always optimise the images for best quality, best display and fastest load times.
  4. Strengthen Brand Identity And Awareness – There is no better way to create a powerful and unified brand image than with images that are consistent in their treatment and message. A consistent brand image is known to increase revenues by up to 23%! Trust your images in the hands of the best photo retouching services and enjoy the benefits of your strong brand by increasing the sales and website traffic. Good quality, evocative images are also highly shareable on social media. When you succeed in creating a photograph that people love, you benefit from them sharing it and spreading awareness of the product. Awareness is the first step in the sales funnel and will ultimately result in greater sales.

The best way to enhance online sales is to increase the traffic to the ecommerce website. And the best way to pull people to the website and keep them there for longer periods of time is through attractive and perfect photographs. Apart from the product pictures, you could also make use of many other related pictures to build the brand image as well. For decades now, Mubytech has specialised in increasing sales, click rates, website traffic, and boosting the overall online sales through high end photo retouching services done at the most economical rates and the fastest processing speeds. Try our photo retouching services with a free sample once to see the results yourselves.

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