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High-End Photo Retouching For Retailers

By David    June 16, 2022
High-End Photo Retouching For Retailers

Sharp, high-resolution images set the path for effective branding and advertising.

Now, we are sure you would agree with this. Right! But do you know image editing is the trickiest process when it comes to advertising? And not every professional photographer can be a good photo editor too. In such scenarios, high-end photo retouching services can prove to be very fruitful.

With professional photo retouching services, you can get the highest quality photographs for promoting your brand. This process retains the vivacity of the photos, while maintaining the image integrity through retouching. Before we dig in a little deeper to give you an overview on how outsourcing high-end retouching services can help you make the most out of your product photoshoots, let’s understand what it is.

What is Photo Retouching?

Photo Retouching is the process, wherein all the imperfections from a photo are eliminated, like blemishes, under eye circles, color, tone correction, brightness, saturation, contrast and everything in between. Sometimes this process also involves airbrushing, which is a technique to remove certain elements from the background or vice versa; adding certain elements in the background, which were initially not a part of the original photo.

Now that you understand the process, you will also understand that high end photo retouching is quite essential, when your best photo needs an extra element to attract the attention of customers. So, whether you are a retailer, wedding event organizer, branding and advertisement company, real estate company or may be a fashion or luxury publication house, high-end retouching service can do wonders for your business.

But if you think that this is some regular photo editing technique and just basic retouching in photoshop can help, then you are mistaken. Regular editing takes away a lot of pixels from pictures, which is not good, especially if you are into a retail business. High end product retouching helps achieve a more natural-looking image, since it requires a lot of analyzing, smoothing textures, contouring, erasing defects and other techniques to get you the perfect image. The best part is traces of high end retouching in the final image are nearly impossible to detect and that’s what gives this technique an edge over others.

Why Product Photo Retouching Service Is Crucial For Retailers?

One thing that you would agree to is that the audience visiting online stores cannot touch or feel the product, like what they experience in a physical store. Now this clearly means that consumer experience and their buying decision is completely guided by the product image. And unfortunately, not all product images are good quality as expected by consumers.

Some product images may have too much noise, which can make the product look shabby, while some will have incorrect lighting, leading to color deviations; and some might even have a wrong background, which can drive away a potential customer.

This is where professional photo retouching comes into picture. Your product photos need cropping, straightening, color correction, noise reduction, background removal, adjusting fly hair, liquifying rough edges, smoothing the skin of a model and what not, to get an optimal high-quality image for your eCommerce portal.

Benefits Of Best Photo Retouching Services For Your Online Store

Product photo retouching is a set of skills that needs to be mastered. We, at Mubytech, provide professional photo retouching services, with have edited over 10 million photos in the past 15 years, for leading brands in the e-commerce space and commercial photo studios, around the world. We have taken the best practices we have learnt over the years, and this is what gives us a competitive edge over others.

If you are looking for best photo retouching services for your online store, our high-end services can provide you endless benefits.  

  • Boost the image of your online store: If your store has high quality product images, it will always have a better impression than other stores.
  • Lower the bounce rate: There are abundant hi-resolution images on the net and when people see an imperfect image, they flee away, they bounce. But high-quality images can lower this bounce rate.
  • Builds customer trust: Realistic and aesthetically correct representation of your product photos can go a long way in building trust with your customers.
  • Increase revenue: High quality product images are directly proportional to increasing revenue for any online store.
  • Boost social media engagement: If you aim at entertaining highly engaging content on social media, then your product images must live up to those high expectations, which is possible with professional photo retouching services.

Our 5 Best Techniques To Retouch E-Commerce Photography For The Highest Impact

We at Mubytech have been assisting leading online retail players for nearly 2 decades, to help them meet their eCommerce retouching requirements. Here are our 5 best techniques that we use to retouch e-commerce photography.

  • Image cropping: If you are looking for a perfect photo, then cropping and resizing is must to suit various angles along with removal of any unwanted objects, borders or blank spaces.
  • Noise reduction: Grainy images are a complete No No. Our photo retouching specialists eradicate extra luminance and color noise to achieve a clear product view.
  • Background removal: An unclear background can distract your buyers. We replace irrelevant backgrounds, without affecting the overall picture quality.
  • Image masking: With image masking, we not only hide unwanted image pixels using this technique, but also use it for removing background from complex images like waving hair, smoke, flames and other transparent and semi-transparent images.
  • Color correction: This is a great technique to make images come out in actual colors. We use it to adjust contrast, colors and brightness of the photos, making them look vibrant and lively.

We are a professional photo retouching service provider, serving brands and retailers from around the world, with high-end photo retouching services. We have a great team with extensive experience in this industry and access to the greatest infrastructure and state-of-the-art technologies. We bring the true essence of images with our service and ensure that they leave an ever-lasting impact on your audiences.

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