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Everything You Need To Know About Photo Cutout Services

By David    August 10, 2022
Everything You Need To Know About Photo Cutout Services

As an ecommerce business owner, your constant endeavour is to convert every prospective customer into an actual customer. And if your business is online or virtual, you will have to increasingly depend on top-class photographs to convey your products or services and tempt the viewer to buy them, or atleast view them. Research has proven that more than 80% of all impressions made on us are through our eyes. Research has also shown that good images build trust, credibility and the perception of high quality.

So, it becomes imperative that you use the highest quality of edited photographs while showcasing your products and promoting your brand. That is where the photo cutout service comes in.

In our previous blog, we discussed how e-commerce images look picture perfect and various applications of Image Masking service. In this blog, let us take you a little deeper into different types of clipping path service and how photo clipping can add value to your business. But before that, let us refresh our memory about the Image Clipping Path Service.

What is an Image Clipping Path Service?

It is well known that Adobe Photoshop is among the world’s foremost image editing software. Clipping Path is a tool and service that these pioneers introduced and it has been lapped up by the sales and marketing world. Technically, a clipping path is a vector path which is used to separate objects from their backgrounds or other layers.

In layman terms, it is a process by which the product (the subject in this case) alone is separated from its background as a separate, standalone layer like in a mannequin product image cutout. This is done by drawing a path exactly outlining the subject and then ’clipping’ it off the original image. Then, the product/subject thus separated is placed in a plain white background to make it stand out impressively.

What are the types of Clipping Path?

Also called image masking service, a clipping path service can either be basic, simple, complex or complicated.

A basic image cutout service is required if the subject is enclosed only by straight lines. Think of it as cutting out a triangle, square or rectangle from a piece of paper. You could also call this fast clipping path which can be done even by beginners or as a DIY project because all it requires is a couple of clicks in the correct places.

A simple cutout photo editing is required when the number of straight lines enclosing the subject are many. Think of it as cutting out a dodecagon or the Star of David from a piece of paper. This can be done by a beginner but will involve more commitment in time and energy. While the process is simple, it requires more patience.

A complex clipping path photo would involve curved lines along with straight lines enclosing the subject or product. These are irregularly shaped subjects and require the expertise of a seasoned graphics designer to be executed perfectly.

A complicated photo clipping will include removal of gaps and holes on the surface apart from the product or subject being irregularly shaped. Separating frizzy hair, smoke, feathers and the flames of a fire are some complicated photo clipping projects. Based on the situation, the expert will decide on which tool needs to be done. This is akin to a precise surgery and no operation is the same as another.

It is recommended that you hire professionals to do complex and complicated photo clipping for your business.

What Value Do We Add to Clipping Path Services?

As the cliche goes, the possibilities with a good service are endless. It is the same with photo cutout service too. Once the clipping is done, the image is retouched to maintain the true colours, vibrance, vivacity and clarity. Let us illustrate some uses of clipping path services with a few samples and examples.

You can place the products for your ecommerce site on a uniform and solid white background. This helps the customer clearly see all the details of the product and highlights the product. After the clipping path service, the images can also be retouched to remove all other blemishes.

You can choose to place your models and products in the Swiss Alps or the Sahara Desert. You could opt for a funky and modern background or a more conservative and muted colour backdrop.

When it comes to wearable products like clothes and shoes, you can actually make the model or mannequin wear them and later eliminate the model/mannequin to make the products stand alone.

You could also do the photography of your products/models in any well-lit space and simply eliminate the background.

How Can We Help You with Clipping Path Service?

As globally-renowned specialists, we will minutely examine each and every part of the image to ensure that it is realistic and blemishless. These spotlessly perfect images will boost your business in more than one way.

1. Increase Attention – It is important to grab the customer’s eye at the first glance. In a virtual store, only the perfectly edited photo can do that.

2. Increase Sales – Research shows that 90% of online buying happens based on the photo quality of the product/service! Our image clipping path service will easily become the most important factor for your online sale.

3. Establish Trust – A professional and high quality product presentation conveys confidence and elicits trust in a customer. Images on which photo clipping has been performed also appear to be well organised and neat furthering the viewer’s trust.

4. Maintain Brand Image – Your brand’s identity is the sum total of all the visible and perceivable elements – colour, design, logo etc. that identify and separate the brand in your consumers’ minds. You should build the best image with crystal-clear product images that have been appropriately clipped and retouch

As a world-class, professional agency specialising in affordable clipping path service, we will assure you the best work with good turnaround times and moderate costs. We are truly passionate about what we do and we want to make a difference to the world. And we do that by making a world of difference for you. That will make a world of difference for us.

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