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7 Fundamental Tips of Skin Retouching For Fashion Pros

By David    April 29, 2022
7 fundamental tips of skin retouching for fashion pros

It doesn’t matter how talented the makeup artist you hire is, the camera can still pick up blemishes and pores. There’s no way to guarantee your models have smooth skin in photos without photo editing software.

When it comes to making your model’s skin look perfect, you need to know these seven essential skin retouching tips. Keep reading below to become legendary at the fundamentals of retouching.

Keep It Natural
Today’s market is all about authenticity. Customers veer away from over-edited images that look unnatural. They feel that if the model’s image is unrealistic, the product won’t be as good either. Another thing you want to stay away from is dramatically white teeth. Everyone wants a perfect smile like the actors in Hollywood, but don’t forget about the main rule in retouching: keep it natural.

Preserve Texture
Smoothing skin is fundamental to skin retouching, but remember to preserve skin texture. Sometimes adding sharpness to certain areas will do the trick. Other times, you may need to create artificial textures with noise. You can also pick an area of the skin with an even texture to clone and create a layer to add texture to other places. Preserving texture is one of the key ways to make an edited photo look natural.

Focus On The Whole Body
Often, retouchers make the mistake of only focusing on the face and hands. It’s vital to edit the entire body, including shape and retouching the arms, legs, torso, etc.

Color Correction
Color correction is one of the biggest things that distinguish professional retouching from amateur retouching. Every retoucher must ensure the hues, shadows, white balance, saturation, contrast, and exposure are appropriately calibrated. Images can look dull and unrealistic without creating a range from light to dark hues and combining different color combinations.

Perfecting The Lips
Beautiful lips are important in fashion photography. It’s perfectly fine to change the form of the lips and enhance them. Uneven lips can cause problems in the editing process, and bright colors can be harder to work with. It’s a good rule of thumb to make the lips pop by using warmth. You can also create a more gentle look by decreasing clarity and contract.

Eye Retouching
Although we’re focusing mainly on the skin, you don’t want to forget about the eyes. It’s important to remove redness or extra veins when editing. You can also add to the image by emphasizing the eyes, making the iris color bolder, improving the makeup, and increasing the eyelashes’ density. Photos are meant to spark emotion, and the eyes are the gateway.

Edit Lighting
When it comes to fashion photos, bad lighting and shadows can ruin the entire shoot. It’s essential to shoot with great lighting and use the proper editing skills to make the images look professional and attractive. Although it can be difficult, you can edit lighting mistakes through image retouching.

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