Catalog Management

Catalog Management

As the competition begins to widespread across different verticals like; retailers, suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors need to fast-track the pace at which they introduce new catalogs that showcase their products and services to consumers.

Catalog plays a vital role in reaching out to potential customers and making important product information available to them. Catalog management, updating, maintenance, conversion, and data indexing, whether for online use or offline database, or inventory management, are time-consuming processes that can divert your employees from pursuing mission-critical objectives

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Catalog Management

Catalogue Categorization
Create and configure categories, defining multiple characteristics along with the attributes and adding content such as catalog items to the various products, and creating various categories by forming a parent-child relationship.
File Association
Specify the fields contained in the Primary data source usually provided by the manufacturer’s and identify character qualifiers for particular fields and characters that should be stripped from the data to be edited as per the set guidelines standard.
Product Image Editing
Image Manipulation and Image Editing along with Clean up and Retouching for multiple products. Including Model and Product Photography.
Image Renaming
Renaming of files and images based on the requirement of the client with special attention to the guidelines and predefined criteria’s.
Catalogue Upload & Submission
End to End Catalog Management Service is provided along with Updating the catalog and submitting it to web servers using various backend tools such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce etc.
Product Description
Enhancing the product descirption on your webtsite by gathering data from the manufacturer’s website and presenting it in a systematic and schematic manner.

Benefits of Choosing MubyTech as your Back Office BPO outsourcing partner

MubyTech possesses broad-based experience across a wide range of industry verticals, with expertise of over 15 years to deliver best-in-class Back Office BPO services

Improve efficiency and save money:
By integrating your catalogues for a single view of all products and services.

Become more responsive:
By creating innovative, personalized consumer product bundles.

Increase revenue and ROI:
By bringing new differentiated products to market faster with fewer errors.

Step ahead of the competition:
By marketing unique offers to business customers.

Maximize profitability:
By facilitating up-sell/cross-sell based on up-to-date product information.

Save time: By unifying offerings across all sales channels.

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