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Fraud and Risk Management Services

For an organisation, risks are potential events that could influence the achievement of the organisation’s objectives. Fraud and Risk management is about understanding the nature of such events and, where they represent threats, making positive plans to mitigate them. Fraud is a major risk that threatens the business, not only in terms of financial health but also its image and reputation.


Ecommerce market size is growing at a fast pace. Current market studies reveal that ecommerce sales are growing by 20% every year. With the far reaching impact of ecommerce growth, Online Payment industry is rapidly evolving along with Risk factors attached.

Debit and Credit Card fraud is more common, but in countries like United States the problem is more prolific.

One stop shop for your Fraud Management needs. Increase revenue and ROI. We have sufficient expertise and experience to take on your Fraud Management needs at lesser costs.

eCommerce Fraud Management

eRetailers have payment gateways and online fraud identification software’s to reduce chargebacks and Fraud costs also detects fraudulent transactions based on many factors to auto detect and block fraud.

The liability to merchants for eCommerce fraud is the same as for fraud perpetrated in brick and mortar stores.

FALSE: Merchants are more likely to absorb the losses in fraudulent eCommerce activities.

Merchants need to develop their own sophisticated security expertise to protect against ecommerce fraud.

FALSE: Outsourced services available to merchants have powerful fraud prevention features built into them.

Our Expert Team at Mubytech is helping online retailers to investigate, screen suspicious activity and develop custom rules for optimal exposure.

What We Do

We at Mubytech deliver tactical and strategic risk analysis to prevent fraud and manage risk for online retailers.

eCommerce Fraud and Risk Detection, Protection and Prevention Management Services.

Rule Based Verification: Screen, Scrutinize and investigate CNP (Card not Present) fraud by applying fraud rules and risk score.

Bank Verification: Contact financial institutions to verify CNP transactions.

Dispute Management: Perform Chargeback/dispute processing to reduce chargeback losses.

Rules Based Verification

Those present rules generate a Risk Score.

Orders would be processed / rejected after email check, IP check, billing and shipping address check and social networks.

With this technique, huge list of orders could be analyzed at regular intervals and released for processing.

Bank / Address Verification

Bank / Address verification service validates Credit/Debit card transaction by verifying the cardholders address besides the record of issuing bank.

Those matched information are weigh against the tabulate score (Risk score – usually by a software like maxmind)

Depending on the Risk score / AVS status orders would be processed or refused (usually emails sent requesting customers to use alternate payment methods)

Dispute Management

Processing of Chargeback’s and adjustments

Case management

Capturing and storing documentation

Reporting Audit results

Applying rules based strategy to avoid future chargeback’s

Key Benefits

Increases profit by reducing Fraud.

Manage CNP fraud and reduce chargeback losses.

Protects brand reputation risk


A Global Web retailer reduced Fraud losses from 24% to 11% in six months

A Leading Fashion retailer reduced Charge backs and Fraud losses to less than 6%



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